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Muay Thai is a combat sport that originated in Thailand which uses stand-up striking and clinching techniques. Muay Thai AKA “the art of eight limbs” combines fists, elbows, knees, and shins.


 Our classes are open to all members from beginners to advanced.  The instructor will adjust combinations for all levels. Students will learn stance, footwork, punches, kicks, knees, elbows and the defenses to these techniques. The classes are also used to build up cardio fitness and strength.





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Agustín Andiarena

Born in Argentina, Agustín is the Bushido Muay Thai Head Coach. He has been in martial arts for more than 20 years as practitioner and pro-competitor of Full Contact, Kickboxing, K1-Rules and Muay Thai. He has fought in Thailand for Sinbi Muay Thai & Balance Muay Thai.

After leaving his home country in 2021, having over 50 fights in more than 10 countries, he landed in Miami and continued training, coaching and learning from the best coaches in the sport and bringing that knowledge to his students. Bushido Muay Thai is one of the TOP best known and respected gyms in Florida with multiple amateur titles and representation on the WKF US National team. 

"It is an honor and a privilege to be able to carry on with this legacy" 

Michelle Sukert

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Michelle has been involved in the Muay Thai community for the past 13 years starting off her fighting career at Jungle under Kedric Fink. From there Michelle went on to train with Raul Llopis and Manny Ramirez, landing a spot on the WKA USA Team in 2019 after winning the national title in her division. Catch her drop some of her Muay Thai wisdom at her morning classes Monday - Friday (your mom jokes included with membership).

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Javier Castellanos

Javier Castellanos, a seasoned Muay Thai coach at Bushido Muay Thai, blends the art of combat with a passion for real estate. As dedicated instructor, he specializes in empowering enthusiasts through bag classes, fostering discipline, and honing skills within the martial arts realm. 


Gym Amenities



Our two floor training facility includes a standard sized professional boxing ring on the second floor


Locker room complete with a shower so you can get ready for work or home after an intense workout


Conditioning and Muay Thai training areas with heavy and light bags as well as other essential 

 training equipment


An in house pro shop where you can purchase  t-shirts, shorts, and hand wraps to show off your Muay Thai pride


Bushido Muay Thai Club

7128 SW 47th Street, #7130​

Miami, FL 33155

(305) 488-0408

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“A dedicated coach, enthusiastic atmosphere, and close-knit family environment make for an ideal place to push yourself to your absolute limit. Careful, you will end up addicted.

— Andrew Fenaughty

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